Wide mouth ABS skimmer with square frame and round lid for concrete pool

BlueWave Swimming Pool Wide Mouth Skimmer

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Wide mouth (353 mm ) skimmers for concrete pools manufactured in white ABS with top round lid square frame, with weir flap flow regulation plug , strong plastic basket . 3 connection sizes 1.5 inch internal 2 inch external threaded and 50 mm for gluing. Overflow connection 40 mm
For skimming the pool surface area, strong basket hold leafs and other floating objects, also can be used for suction sweeping the pool .Wider mouth skimmer cover a greater surface area of the pool water, ideal for free form pools , and also for pools that have less depth but more surface area.
  1. For use in concrete pools
  2. Free for pools
  3. White ABS Quality
  4. 3 connection sizes
  5. Overflow Connection


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