2 Inch male thread,50mm solvent internal maximum pressure: 6bar. Made in white ABS. Plug thread 1 ½ inch. Recommended to be installed with wall conduit 00323.

Astral Pool Inlet Threaded 50MM

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Multiflow return inlet threaded: Multifow system the eyeball has been marked with a series of knock-outs at 14, 20, and 25 mm, enabling the required flow to be selected at the time of installation.
Use with wall conduit PA00324 for concrete pool.
  1. 1. Material: ABS can be installed with wall conduits: 15658-15659.
  2. 2. Recommended max flow: 4 m/sec.
  3. 3. Grille slots: 8mm.
  4. 4. External thread: Ø 50 mm.


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