Return/Suction. Adjustable flow. Made in white ABS, screw in stainless steel Maximum Flow rate: 12 m3/hr. Complies with EN 13451-1 standard 2 inch outer thread, inner «æ 50mm to glue.

Astral Inlet Floor 2 Inch External, Internal 50 MM(AstralPool, Spain)

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Overflow channel drainage point: Body and grille in ABS. Screws in stainless steel. To be glued to external Ø 63 mm. Owing to its design this inlet is particularly suitable for overflow channels.
This vacuum point can be used with wall conduit
  1. 1. Material: White ABS
  2. 2. SS made screw.
  3. 3. Flow rate: 12m3/hr.


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