1) 14 Inch economy Aluminum vacuum head
2) Pro leaf rake with gold aluminum handle & fine mesh net
3) 18 Inch aluminum back wall brush with poly bristles
4) Standard Leaf Skimmer
5) 5 Inch 13cm stainless steel algae brush
6) 1/2 oz Box set test kit for chlorine and Ph
7) 2 Section telescopic pole with easy lock device, 6 feet extend upto 12 feet
8) 38mm EVA vacuum hose with standard cuff link, 12meter in length

Cleaning kit (Nominal 14" SERIES)

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Its available in size 14 inch which is totally aluminum body and handle is in plastic.
  1. Material: Aluminum Body
  2. Wheel: 4
  3. Handle: Plastic
  4. Size: 14 inch
  5. Bottom Brush
Pro series leaf rake in gold aluminum handle with fine mesh net, available in white leaf net.
  1. Leaf net: in white color
  2. Handle: Gold aluminum handle
  3. Easy to grip
14 Inch aluminium back wall brush w/ poly bristles
  1. Size:14 inch
  2. Poly Bristle
  3. Material: Plastic
  4. Back portion made: Aluminium
Econo spa/ above ground pool leaf skimmer
  1. Leaf net: in Blue color
  2. Handle: Plastic handle
  3. Easy to grip
5 Inch all plastic algae brush with stainless steel bristles
  1. Size: 5 inch
  2. Material:Plastic
  3. Bristle: Stainless steel
1/2 oz Solution box set test kit for chlorine and pH
  1. Easy color comparator
  2. Accurate result in seconds
  3. Plastic kit
Made of anodized aluminium with twist lock and plastic handle
  1. Material: Aluminium
  2. Length: 6-12 feet
  3. Layer: Two Layer
  4. Durable aluminium construction
  5. Extendable from 6 feet to 12 feet
  6. Extra strong external cam
  7. Thick hand grip
  8. Description
    38mm EVA vacuum hose with standard cuff link, 12m in length
    1. Made: EVA Quality
    2. >Length: 12 meter
    3. >Size 38 mm
    4. With Cuff Link


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