Pump, 2HP/1.5KW Fibreglass sand filter, top mount, 900mm, 36 inch with Top mounted Multiport Valve 2 inch valve) for filtration upto 30000 Litre/hr

900 mm Filter + 2 HP Pump

Product Code CB-1

Price: ₹70950

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Description - 2 HP Pump
Quite running single-stage centrifugal pumps complete with prefilter
Features - 2 HP Pump
  1. Materials: Pump body, pump foot and diffuser in glass, loaded polypropylene, Motor housing in aluminum L-2521, Shaft available in SS AISI 420, Impeller and seal mounting in PPO.
  2. Motor: Single phase version built-in-thermal protection, Asynchronous, two poles, Continuous operation, IP 55 protection
There are high performance, totally corrosion proof sand filter that blend superior flow characteristics and features with ease of operation. For multiple applications, these highly efficient flow filters are your best choices
  1. Swimming pools of all types and sizes
  2. In-ground spas (residential or commercial)
  3. Aquarium (salt or fresh water)
  4. Ponds, fountains or water gardens
Tank: Voluble moulding of fibre glass reinforced plastics, corrosion resistant, good abrasion resistant, deforming-proof. Uniquely designed distribution makes a stable and even water flow to improve drainage system. Easy to install, maintain free. Outlet tubidity:<2FTU.


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