Fibreglass sand Swimming Pool filter, top mount, 525mm ,21 inch, with Top mounted Multiport Valve(1.5 inch valve) for filteration upto 12000 Liter/hr

BlueWave 525 MM Dia Top Mounted Sand Filter

Product Code 85-0525

Price ₹24118 ₹34839
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Top Mounted, Heavy duty, High performance, Totally non corrosive sand filter, having efficient flow design with very easy operation & maintenance can be used for different application.
  1. Swimming pools , Spa , Jaucuzzi
  2. Fish Aquarium (Fresh or salt water aquarium)
  3. Artificial Lake, water bodies
  • SS Pressure guage
  • Complete with all fittings and union
  • Made of Fiberglass
  • Drain Plug for easy removing water.


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