Aster polyster & fiberglass laminate filter diameter 500 MM

Astral Pool (Aster) 500MM Sand Filter without Multiport Valve

Product Code 19781-0100

Price: ₹35000

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Beige laminated polyester and fiberglass with new boltless lid and polypropylene base. Equipped with pressure gauge, water drainage plug, and multiport valve. Maximum working pressure: 2.5 Kg/cm2. Filtration velocity 50 m3/h/m2.
  1. 1. Swimming pools of all types and sizes
  2. 2. In-ground spas (residenial or commercial)
  3. 3. Aquarium (salt or fresh water)
  4. 4. Ponds, fountains or water gardens
Tank: voluble molding of fiber glass reinforced plastics, corrosion resistant, good abration resistant, deforming-proof. Uniquely designed distribution make a stable and even water flow to improve drainage system. Easy to install, maitain free. Outlet tubidity:<2FTU.


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